Romantic Valentine’s Date Tips

Adding romance to your Valentine’s Day Celebration doesn’t have to be complicated.  Often times, it is the simple gestures towards each other that make us feel appreciated and adored.  Show your special someone how much you care by incorporating one or more of the following romantic date ideas into this Valentines Day celebration.

Romantic Date Night Tips

Since guys are visual (show him) and girls are audio (tell her), try using these romantic tips from the Fairy God Mother at Barnsley Gardens Resort to ensure a romantic evening for both partners:

Plan a picnic in the middle of your bed. Pack a basket with cheese and fruit. Spread a table cloth across the bed, light some candles, and enjoy the meal.

Do something new together.  Try clay shooting, bike riding, hit a bucket of golf balls, or share a new experience.  It makes for new conversations!

Dance around the house together and be silly, then dance for your partner.  They will like the uninhibited you.  It says you trust them and that is sexy.

Write a note in lipstick on his bathroom mirror before he wakes up. Kiss the mirror with a little note.

Make a date just like before you were an official couple. Call your partner on the phone – no emails or texts – and officially ask for a date. Make a rule forbidding discussion of kids, bills or jobs!

Fairy Godmother, Barnsley Gardens Resort

Set the Mood this Valentine’s Day

Who needs a fancy restaurant and a tight dress when you can have a sexy, couple’s massage right from your own home?

First, set the mood. You can create a sensual spa experience right from your own home! Dim the lights and grab your favorite scented candle to fill the atmosphere with an alluring aroma perfect for an intimate date!

Then grab your loved one and give them an exotic massage with your favorite healing massage oil! Mango is a known aphrodisiac. Try using this scent, as it lingers on your skin it is sure to drive each of you wild.

Transport you and your Valentine to an exotic spa escape by enjoying an indulgent bath or a sensual massage together.

Lydia Sarfati, CEO and Founder, Kanshi 

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