Pay it Forward on Your Next Date Night

Sweet PotatoesWhen looking for fulfilling ways to spend time with your spouse, don’t underestimate the satisfaction and togetherness you will feel by paying it forward… together. ¬†Learn how helping others can be one of the greatest date night ideas you’ve ever implemented!

Pay It Forward

While this tip may seem like drudgery, it can be a lot of fun! Clean out your closets together. KEEP READING, I promise it gets better. Seriously, clean out your closets, go through old clothes, shoes, coats, handbags and accessories.

However, don’t just go through the closets, tossing things on the floor or in garbage bags, have a private fashion show with your significant other. Turn on Pandora, pour some libations and let the show begin. The memories of why you wore that dress or when he bought that hat will come back in a flash. You will be amazed at how many laughs and “what was I thinking” statements you’ll have that evening. Don’t forget to take pictures! ¬†When you’re finished, donate the items you no longer use or wear to your local Salvation Army or Purple Heart.

After it is all said and done, you will have had fun, done a little cleaning and shared with others.

Shannon Mouton, Principal, Topaz Consulting

Some other ways to pay it forward while spending quality time together:

  • Volunteer at your local soup kitchen
  • Clean up your favorite park or street
  • Spend a day together cooking and freezing meals for families going through crisis
  • Spend another day delivering the prepared meals to families going through crisis

Not only are these activities helpful, but they will provide you with something to do together, to talk about, and look forward to!

How have you incorporated “paying it forward” into your date night?

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