Make Time for These Date Night Ideas

kmdsgfdsklajgLast week we talked a lot about time management and making the most of our busy schedules. This week, we are going to talk about scheduling a little LOVE. Does that sound odd to you?

Just like we need to schedule in doctor’s appointments, haircuts and gym time, we need to schedule in time for us to spend with our partner. Learn how create time for love throughout this week with some fabulous date night ideas.

Make Time for Love

Busy couples run the risk of placing their own relationship on the back burner. While you may not be in that newly-smitten stage where you prioritize love and lovemaking over all else, if you do not continue to give and get love and pleasure, your relationship can suffer. Make the time!

Trying to get it on at 11pm Saturday night, with a long exhausting week behind you, is far from optimal. Can you set the alarm an hour early once or twice a week or month? Can you meet at lunchtime once in a while? Treating your partner like you’re having an affair can spice up the erotic energy between you.

Get a sitter; check into a hotel and leave your smartphone at home so you can focus only on each other. Keep the fire smoldering during your busy, busy week by leaving each other notes, texts, and quick calls — flirt, appreciate each other, and look forward to the next time you can make a little time for love.

Carol Queen, PhD, Staff Sexologist, Good Vibrations

What favorite date night ideas do you rotate in your dating schedule?

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