Loving Me, Loving You

Older couple walking a dogLife coaches, pastors, and therapists tell us that if we don’t love ourselves, then we do not have the capacity to love others. Your first step then, is to tell yourself you are lovable, capable, and ready to love others. Then find a cause or purpose and devote your time, joy, and love to that cause.

If you have a love for animals, volunteer at an animal shelter or fund raise for the local Animal Protection Association. Love of children? Sign on to be a Big Brother or Sister, volunteer at a school, or tutor at risk students. Were your grandparents special people in your life? Then honor them by devoting some time to a nursing home. Too many of these senior citizens are placed in homes and forgotten. Some of my most tranquil, enjoyable moments were spent visiting a former Army nurse. Linda lived to be 93, and was an amazing person.

There are so many opportunities to share “you” – lovable you. When we see ourselves as a caring, loving person willing to give to others, our lives will be filled with love – there will be no space for negative, hateful thoughts. Our lives will be full. So, decide where you want to share your lovable self, and don’t waste time getting there.

Written by: Patricia Bubash

About the Author:

Patricia Bubash has a Masters Degree in Counseling, is a Stephen Minister, author, and speaker.  Her more than thirty years in education has given her insight and experience in working with parents, children, and even grandparents.  Her passion is her grandchildren, her writing, travel, and volunteering.  Mrs. Bubash is a great believer in the power of volunteering to give us a sense of self-worth, and to see the joy of giving to receive personal satisfaction.

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