How to Turn an Ordinary Date Night Into Extraordinary

Woman wiping the sweat off her skin during a workoutIf I had to pick one food that screams love and romance it would have to be chocolate. That’s why I couldn’t wait to share our guest blogger’s, Gina Baker, date night ideas with you!

Learn a few new ideas that will turn an ordinary date night into an extraordinary evening you can reminisce about for years to come.

Breathe Some Life into Date Night!

Take turns surprising each other planning secret date nights or even little surprises during the typical date night. Also let surprises happen along the way- we did not plan on having a food fight at the cheesecake factory, but it is a night that I will always remember.

The next element is to put a little planning into your date night – and I am not talking about massive amounts of planning. I am talking about little things, such as a linen tablecloth and those champagne glasses for the picnic in the park.

Finally do not be afraid to try new things and have fun. Sometimes our date list is our mini bucket list and we go explore that museum we always drive past or the neighborhood chocolate factory.

Gina Baker, Blogger, My Chocolate Peaces

How do you add special and memorable touches to your date night plans?

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