How to Create Love in Marriage

loveDid you have an idea of marriage prior to getting married? Many of us envision marriage the way it is portrayed to us by our parents, or worse by the television shows we watch every week. What we fail to realize is that our marriage will be what we make it.

In order to nurture love in marriage it is important that we die to self. What does that mean, exactly? Learn how to open doors to a happy marriage using the following selfless tips from our experts:

Give Yourself Up

Most of us enter marriage with the idea that our spouse will meet our every need. The first time he acts selfishly or she hurts our feelings, we react with shock. We wonder, “How could he or she be so insensitive?”

To make a marriage great, each partner must give up selfishness. Marriage requires a selfless commitment that places the other person first. When we seek to meet our partner’s needs, we find fulfillment. We willingly forgive and seek reconciliation instead of holding a grudge or building a wall. Give yourself up, and make your marriage flourish.

Jennifer Turner, Students At Home

Sharing and Respect

A happy marriage is based on shared experiences and mutual respect. Constantly look for things you can do together, whether it’s watching TV, discussing the news, going shopping, or taking a walk.

Look for things to compliment your mate on that are sincere and from the heart. It could be something they did well, something they worked on that was difficult regardless of the outcome, how they look, an act of kindness they did for someone else, etc. And keep asking, “How can I show appreciation for this person?”

Studies show that in most long-term quality relationships, each person considers their mate their best friend. How can you both be accepting, understanding, and empowering of each other, and be best friends?

What can we each do to make our love in marriage work for both of us?

Ronald Kaufman, Seminar Leader/Executive Coach/Author, Ronald Kaufman Consultancy

Remember that love is not a feeling, it’s an action.  Use the above tips from our experts to put the love in marriage that is necessary to create many happy years together.

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