How to Create an Intimate Valentines Day Celebration at Home

Making the time to set the mood for romantic moments throughout the year is usually pretty far down on our list of priorities.  Yet, it is important to have these special moments with our partner to keep that spark in our relationship kindled.

That’s why we have days like Valentine’s Day, the times that make us stop what we are doing and celebrate the love we have for one another.  Keep this Valentine’s Day Celebration an intimate occasion by skipping the crowded restaurants and creating a romantic evening at home.  Learn how to set your table, plan your menu, and add all the right touches for a memory in the making.

10 Tips for a Romantic Dinner for Two

It’s February and love is in the air. Are you thinking about preparing a romantic dinner for that special someone? Elegant and intimate, it loves to entertain. Here are 10 tips to set the scene and make your evening a success.

1. Display photos of past important events together like wedding and vacation photos. These are memory cues to reminisce about those times that brought you two closer together.

2. Lighting is everything. Set up candles to cast a soft romantic glow.

3. Fill the room with scented candles and fragrance sticks in a romantic scent such as gardenia, sandlewood, jasmine, or fresh linen.

4. Choose soft romantic dinner music to stimulate the senses and set the mood. Be sure to include all time top love songs like When I Fall In Love, Endless Love, Power Of Love and other sentimental titles including your special song. Add this to your favorite songs including your special couple song.

5. Decorate the dining table with the universal symbols of love and romance; heart shapes and passionate shades of red. Use red placements and napkins with white plates, red accent champagne or wine glasses. Sprinkle heart shaped confetti on the table for an extra zing. Keep it fun and simple.

6. A heart-shaped topiary added to the center of the table makes a statement. Make sure that you leave room nearby for flowers from him.

7. Select a dinner menu including romantic foods like chocolate, asparagus, oysters or a favorite dish. Foods to share such as fondue, cheese as a starter and chocolate fondue as dessert, are fun. Finger foods keeps the cooking down to a minimum.

8. Celebrate with champagne, wine, beer or other favorites added to the dinner menu.

9. Pass a note to each other. List the things you love about the other person. Romance is about being together, about taking the time to focus on just the two of you.

10. For after dinner, pick up a romantic movie like Love Actually, Sleepless in Seattle or The Notebook to show on your big screen TV.

Now you are ready for the big night. Light the candles, cue the music and pop the cork.

Many thanks to aspenhome for providing us with these excellent tips on creating a fabulous romantic atmosphere. The dining table and server featured in the photo can be found at

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