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senior couple embracingDate nights don’t have to be expensive.  We can put romance in our relationship right in the privacy of our own home.  It may take a little preparation, but that is half of the fun!  Here are a few romantic date night ideas you can enjoy right at home.

Transform Your Backyard

Transform your backyard into a restaurant. Go in your backyard and set up a picnic table, chairs, cook or order some food, get some candles and have a nice dinner. You can also set up your laptop and put on your i-tunes to have some nice music to go along with the atmosphere.

Mr. Locario, Author, Itakks Media

Pour on Some Nostalgia

If you’re looking for a fresh new date idea, try recreating the magic of prom night with your spouse. My husband and I did this recently. We dressed up in our finest clothes, whipped out the fine china and goblets, and made ourselves juicy mushroom steak, vegetables, and sparkling cranberry juice. After the elegant dinner we selected our favorite romantic Pandora station and danced the night away.

We had such a good time we decided to revamp the event with our friends this summer. The date is set, the outdoor venue reserved, and our cameras cued up for a picture-taking frenzy. We’re even renting a limo to drive us around town!

Mimi West, Founder, My Dream Teacher

What is your favorite date night idea for spending a night in?

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