Date Night Ideas to Ignite Your Senses

beautiful-hairFinding fun things to do can be as simple as learning something new or heading to the closest amusement park.  Ignite your  senses by trying one of these date night ideas that will have you laughing and carrying on all night long!

Cheap Thrills

Take your sweetheart to an amusement park and hop on the thrill rides. It feels dangerous in safe surroundings. So, that allows the two of you release adrenaline together which draws you closer and increases sexual attraction.

Going on roller coasters and rides that drop you 400 feet a second also bring back your years-gone-by, which reminds us who we used to be when we first started dating.

And, when the day is done, you still benefit from it. You have shared memories that you can refer to over the coming days week, and even years, bringing back the rush of your “thrill ride date.”

Leon Scott Baxter, America’s Romance Guru, Couples Committed To Love

Learn a New Trick

Grab some small oranges (or juggling balls), head out to the park, and learn to juggle together. It’s guaranteed to make you both laugh and it’s super fun to do as a couple.

Take turns watching your date practice and helping them out. You’ll be bonding and getting to know each other better. And you’ll be well on your way to learning a new skill that doubles as a fun way to exercise.  Click Here to Learn How to Juggle

Heather Wolf, Founder, JuggleFit LLC

What are your favorite date night ideas that has kept your relationship fresh and exciting?

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