Date Night Ideas to Heat Things Up

couple-date-nightJust in time for the nice weather we are featuring some of the best date night ideas to heat things up in your relationship.  Plan your next night out – or in – using some of these fun date night tips from our expert guest bloggers!

Summer Date Night Fun

Plan a picnic under the stars – pack some fun finger food, along with favorite beverage and some dessert and head on out to the local park or maybe even a golf course (just don’t get caught!)

If you have children and it is hard to find sitters, plan a porch date night – after the kids are in bed.  Or if you have older children, get them settled with a movie to keep them occupied and grab some appetizers, your favorite beverages and sit outside on the porch or in your backyard.  Do not talk about anything financial, kids, inlaws, or jobs related.  Put the focus on the two of you and let the conversation flow – laugh, tell stories, talk about the future.  Grab a blanket to cuddle up with in case it gets cool.

If you have a firepit make smores together and feed them to each other.

Michelle Monroe Morton

Fondue For Two

If you’re looking for something special and romantic to serve up on your date night, fondue is a meal meant to be shared. Fondue is perfect for enjoying dinner or dessert over a great conversation with that special someone.

Heat in a fondue pot until the cheese begins to bubble and serve with cubed bread, veggies, cooked meat, and even fruit. In Switzerland, the tradition is that if you drop your bread in the cheese, you must kiss the person to your right. Drop away to enjoy a Swiss Kiss!

Emmi Chocolate Fondue makes a sweet ending to a special meal. Melt chocolate in the microwave or fondue pot and dip into dessert. Fruit, cookies, cakes, marshmallows, or pretzels- whatever your heart desires- are all perfect pairings.

Emmi of Switzerland

What are your favorite date night ideas that keeps the spark in your relationship?

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