Create Love & Romance in Your Marriage

Broken gold wedding ringsLove is not always sunshine and roses. The feelings accompanied with falling in love tend to fizzle out over time. But, the commitment to create love in your relationship can last a lifetime.

America’s Romance Guru, Leon Scott Baster, understands what it takes to create love in a relationship. Check out Leon’s date night ideas that will keep romance alive in your marriage.

Play Hooky

The reason we think of date NIGHTS is because that’s when we are usually free of work responsibilities and can get a babysitter for the kids. But, why not shoot for a date DAY by playing hooky from work together?

It’s simple. Just coordinate your calendars. Pick a day. And, spend it together with no boss looking over your shoulder and no little ones asking for more mac and cheese. You can stay home in bed together the entire day, spend the day at the beach, or go to a matinee and lunch. Just be sure no one sees you and tells the boss.

Sip and Brush

There are art and wine classes popping up all over the country, where you can take your significant other for a fun evening of music, socializing, fine wines and learning to paint. Most of these classes are more about fun than precise artistic skill, but they promise you will leave with a memorable piece of art that is distinctly your own. It’s a great way to share an evening with your spouse, enjoy some wine and come home with a memory you can frame and refer to.

Leon Scott Baxter, America’s Romance Guru, Couples Committed To Love

What date night ideas have kept romance alive in your relationship?

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