Reach Your Resolution with an Action Plan

There are many types of resolutions people set for a New Year, from weight loss and healthy eating to time management and being better organized. So often we set these goals without taking the time to put an action plan into place. This is a sure fire way to find our goal abandoned within a short amount of time.

This year, set yourself up for success by making your action plan and then promptly set it into motion.  Learn some new ideas to jump-start your plan of action for a few different types of New Years Resolutions.  Many of them can be applied across the board into more than one area of life.

Get Organized

One simple way to organize- play one of your favorite songs and tidy up a room at the same time. You will be surprised what you can do in 3 minutes or less. Do that for a week. Then add another song so it’s 6 minutes. Keeping doing that until you get to 15 minutes. 15 minutes every day of tidying up is equal to 3.8 DAYS of tidying up a year. You will be surprised how much clutter you can clear away a little bit everyday. It’s like working out: A little bit at first until you build up and see results.

Zele Avradopoulos, Owner, ZOrganize- Organizing Services for Home & Office


Get Competitive

The short answer: Get Competitive. I could NEVER find a way to motivate myself to exercise… until I discovered Masters Track & Field. There’s an international, organized competitive circuit for all the track and field events, for people ages 35+ (broken down in 5 year blocks). Having a competition to work for is incredibly motivating, even if all I’m doing is trying to beat my own personal best.

Finding people to train with brings in a motivating social element. And add the fun of going to international meets (I was in Finland 2 years ago for the World Championships) brings another level of motivation. Then, being at those national and international meets and seeing the 101 year old shot-putter and 95 year old 100m runner definitely adds some fuel to the fire — I think everyone in the stands was thinking “I need to keep working out so I can be THAT guy!”

Steven Sashen,

Sustaining Your Goals Requires Thought Power

Empower yourself with a sustaining plan; thought power. Anyone can achieve a goal but how many people are able to sustain what they have achieved? If you lack a sustaining plan your appeared accomplishment is really incomplete. Your accomplishment is the manifestation of a thought; that has materialized through positive thinking. If you are to get the full enjoyment out of your accomplishment without stress or strain, the next step required is your continuous participation in your personal growth and development. This is how you create thought power.

You can start by reading motivational books and listening to audios weekly, do whatever it takes to keep you inspired. When you are able to consciously arrange your thoughts to revolve around constructive thinking, you will balance your life and complete your goal.

Jacqueline P. Piper, The Image Enhancer, Beyond Style

Set Your Next Goal

The problem many people face when they are about to complete a goal is that they never set the next one. So after getting to the “finish line,” they may fall into a slump or depression. The solution is to always have another goal in your “back pocket.”

In other words, what will you do with your goal once you have accomplished it? For example, if my goal is to quit smoking, what will I do with my new, refreshed, clean body? Go walking every day? Start a healthier diet? Go to restaurants I couldn’t go before because they didn’t have a smoking section? Decide how you will take your next step and go for it!

Laurel Clark, President, School of Metaphysics

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