Exercise for Your Brain

Menopause-SymptomsWe’ve all heard the saying, “Use it or Lose it”! And this is even true of our brain. My friend’s Grandmother is 97 years old and sharp as a tack. She came in 3rd place at this year’s annual poker tournament. And that’s no small feat since the tourney is peppered with 80-some other participants ranging in age from 25 through, well she would be the oldest at 97.

She attributes her sound mind to the numerous, daily card games she plays with the other residents of her retirement community. Our expert guest blogger is in agreement. Learn how she suggests we exercise our brain to keep sharp and on top of things!

Brainercise – Exercising your Brain!

Everyone knows how important exercise is for your body. You must be made aware of the fact that exercising your brain is also important. But HOW do you exercise your brain?

You exercise your brain by using it in different ways. I like to take time every evening to do different brain games. Sometimes I do suduko – sometimes crosswords – there are all kinds of apps you can download to help you have fun and exercise your brain. I have apps for – find the difference – bubble breaker – hangman – crossword – chess- suduko and there is even a Brain exerciser app!

Try these and have fun while exercising your brain!

Mary Ellen Ciganovich, Director, R.E.A.L. Health

How do you exercise your brain and how does it improve your memory and other functions?

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