Top 6 Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living TipIf you’re looking for a healthy living tip, you need to start with healthy lifestyle choices.  We polled the experts for their favorite healthy living tip and got six top responses.  Here they are:

 #1 – Tips To Improve Lives & Health

  • Get inspired
  • Research has found a strong correlation between long periods of sitting and elevated risk of disease and mortality; experts call this "sitting disease". Consider the time you spend commuting, watching TV and working at a computer, and you'll find that sitting time adds up. The average American sits over 7 hours each day.  For women stuck long hours sitting at a computer, standing a little more each day burns extra calories, tones muscles, improves posture, increases blood flow and ramps up metabolism. The key to standing more is to assemble a system that matches your body and work routine. Combat sitting disease and start standing more today.

Carrie Schmitz – Ergotron, Inc. –

#2 – It's All About Circulation

Encouraging blood circulation will improve your overall health and is easy to do. Here are some quick ways to get your blood moving:

Walking – 20 – 30 minutes a day

Are you surprised to see Massage on this list?  You shouldn’t be.  A massage is a great way to get blood flowing throughout your entire body and can alleviate the symptoms of many common ailments including sciatica, arthritis, frozen shoulder and many other musculoskeletal disorders.

Shyno Chacko Pandeya –

#3 – Get Up, Get Moving and PLAY!

Find something you LOVE to do! I've tried yoga (liked), Zumba (OK), kettlebells (still fun) and now hula hooping! (LOVE IT!) When did we stop playing and begin calling it exercise? Find what you LOVE to do! Do it regularly! Persistent consistence will keep you fit and healthy!

Revvell P. Revati (age 62) –

 #4 – Reclaiming Simple Joie de Vivre

No need for anything fancy.  All it takes is paying attention to the simple things that bring you pleasure; like breathing the fragrant summer air or devoting some time to a creative project such as painting.
But in a culture where simplicity is too often forgotten, this isn't always easy. Here are some simple yet powerful tips:

  • Get rid of the clutter in your life, your house and mind;
  • Focus on what you're doing – and whom you're doing it with;
  • Do at least one thing you profoundly enjoy every day.

Stick with it and you'll soon find yourself dazzled by your happier, healthier and infinitely more joyful life. No need for whistles and bells.

Suzanne Saxe-Roux & Jean Roux – co-authors of Courage and Croissants –

#5 – Go Walking!

Walking has been described almost as a "magic bullet"!  It can be done almost anywhere, is low cost and has tremendous and proven health benefits (reducing your future risk of various cancers for example)!  Walking provides not only a tremendous physical boost but can help you gain a distinctive mental edge as well! 

Even a ten-minute fast pace intentional walk can make a difference. I recommend starting gradually and working your way up to 30-60 minutes a day for 3-6 days a week!  Stretch before and after walking and pop in your headphones and listen to a great podcast or audio book while you walk!

Al Argo – Personal Development Expert – Author and Speaker –

#6 – Strive To Feel Better and Better

A positive attitude greatly reduces stress, anxiety, and resistance to challenges and changes. Positive attitude doesn't necessarily mean "Be Happy all the time". It just means continually reaching for a better-feeling thought. If we're angry or upset, reach for thoughts that move us toward pessimism or boredom. Once we're bored, we can more easily move to optimism. Taking small steps will get you there. Engage in things you enjoy also distracts you from feeling down, bored or anxious. Deliberately distract yourself into feeling better and better with both thoughts and activities.

Laura Rose, CTACC – Certified Efficiency Coach –

The lifestyle choices you make today can affect the rest of your life, so review these tips above on a regular basis and start living a healthier life today!

Healthy Living TipWhat is your favorite "healthy living tip?"  Join the discussion at my discreet community – Women's Health and Beauty Answers – to see what real women are saying, and to share your secrets!

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