Tips for Creating a ‘Natural Skin Care’ Lifestyle

Natural Skin Care TipsHere are four natural skin care tips to develop a lifestyle that supports anti aging wrinkle free skin care:

Top 4 Natural Skin Care Tips

Stress – Our bodies react to stress by releasing adrenaline, which redirects blood flow away from the skin and sends it to the muscles.  Tension also slows the skin’s rate of cell turnover, so it takes longer for fresh, new cells to reach the skin’s surface.

Lack of Sleep – Ever wonder why you get dark circles under your eyes when you don’t get enough sleep?  Fatigue leads to pallor that makes blood flow beneath the skin more visible, and this is most apparent under the eyes.  A 2001 article in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that the stress placed on the body from lack of sleep can lead to skin issues, including acne. 

Alcohol  – Anyone who’s ever had a hangover knows that alcohol dehydrates the body, and that includes the skin.  Alcohol also depletes the body’s supply of vitamin A, which not only lowers skin’s defense against bacteria and infections, but also plays a role in skin-cell turnover by maintaining collagen production.  Alcohol also makes the skin more prone to redness and blotchiness, and overindulging may even trigger psoriasis.

Smoking – First and foremost, smoking constricts the blood vessels, reducing blood flow (and the supply of oxygen and nutrients) to the skin.  Research has also shown that nicotine may increase production of the enzyme that breaks down collagen, thus, accelerating the formation of wrinkles.  When collagen breakdown is coupled with repetitive lip pursing and the squinting associated with shielding the eyes from smoke, fine lines and wrinkles become even more apparent.  Even secondhand smoke exposure has a detrimental effect on the skin since a smoky environment has a drying effect on the skin’s surface.  Food for thought: Smokers in their 40s often have skin as wrinkled as nonsmokers in their 60s, and smokers are twice as likely to develop skin cancer as nonsmokers.

In summary, when considering anti aging wrinkle free skin care, keep this natural skin care tips in mind.

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