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iStock_000012211131SmallLife is a journey. How many times have we heard that? But, it is so true. Life is a journey that has its ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad.  Sometimes it has major speed bumps that just downright take us by surprise! It happens to all of us. Life is not perfect. But, the way we handle the bad and the good is what gets us through, what makes us who we are, and what see’s us through to the end.

I am a fourteen year cancer survivor.  My best advice for your road to recovery  is not to worry how you are going to figure this out, or how you are going to keep your head up.  I am here to help! I am here with my savvy insights (we all have them) that I am going to pass along to you. I have made it through the illness, the low self esteem, the trying to pick myself up by the boot straps, and I am here to tell you in all my wisdom the best medicine…

It is laughter. Yep, that is the big answer; laughter, the ability to laugh at ourselves mostly. I mean if we can’t get a good chuckle in about what is going on, who can? I went through cancer, lost my beautiful long locks, was as bald as a cue ball, with painted on big blue eyes. I struggled, I worried, I fretted.  Then one day when I was at wits end and looking in the mirror at my bald self, I decided I needed some hair. I decided I could just not look in the mirror once more without any hair.  So I got out some paint and stood right there and drew a big ol’ blond bouffant with a big pink bow, right in the middle on the mirror so it framed my face!

BaldMe_WithHairI was still a bit serious, wanted that hair, needed that hair and was going to have that hair, painted on and all! Of course, if you have been through this you really come to an understanding that it is not the hair, or the lack of it, it is the wanting to look normal, the wanting to hide from the disease if only for a moment, to have peace.

At first I was too furious to giggle. But let me tell you, about an hour later when I had moved on to something else, forgetting the mirror entirely, boy did I slip into hysterics upon finding myself back in the bathroom looking into that mirror. There I stood with a big ol’ do painted in the mirror in bright yellow surrounding my head! I could not stop laughing!

I decided from that day forward while I remained bald, I would draw hair in the mirror but using my moods for the design. In a month’s time, I was Medusa, Sandra Dee, and of course, the queen! And it got me through, it made me laugh, it made me accept myself and it made me realize I was just as beautiful as I had always been.  I was the same person, but now I got new do’s!

No matter what you are going through, or where you have been, just take a second in time to remind yourself that you are beautiful.  You are the same wonderful, amazing person you have always been.  Give yourself a hug, a kiss, or even some hair and stand tall. After all, difficulties can sometimes change our appearance, may bruise our dignity for a bit, and even put a dent in our armor, but they cannot change who we are….unless we let them!

Regina E. Savage, Author/Motivational Speaker/Program Developer, Quiet Angel Publishing, LLC


About the Author: Regina is the Author of the two time award winning book “Mirror Makeovers & Savvy Insights for the Everyday Gal Surviving Cancer & Baldness with a Sense of Humor”.. Regina wrote this book in hopes of encouraging others struggling with this disease.

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