Pampering on Purpose – Why Treating Yourself is Healthy, Not Frivolous!

Some days, life is a stressful mess. Everything that could go wrong…does. Maybe the car died, you locked yourself out of the house, or you just woke up way too late. The little things happen, and they can absolutely throw our perfect world into a tailspin.

When those days seem to pile-up, the stress begins to take its toll, and you just don’t want to deal with one more drama, the white flag of submission needs to be raised. You need a break, and you need it now!

Everyone needs time to relax and just…be. We all need to feel pampered; every person (men and women!) have to schedule down time that focuses on the self. When there feels like there is no time for down time, it’s time to make time!

Discover ways to unwind and let go of toxic stress. Find calming inspiration and pamper yourself on purpose with a little self-spoiling and an extra dose (or more!) of self-love:

Schedule a massage.

If work, kids, or other daily responsibilities and worries has you tied up in knots, block out time to work out those kinks. Schedule a massage to help soothe the body and the mind. Your body will feel relaxed and pampered, and you will leave your session in a much healthier state of mind. Opt for an hour-long session, if you can carve out the time.

Spoil your feet.

Your feet take the entire weight of your body every single day. Pamper them with a pedicure to soothe stressed soles. For an extra pop of happiness, choose polish that is bold and bright to welcome spring and lift your soul.

Treat Yourself.

Visit a local market and buy a bouquet of your favorite cheery blooms. If you have a sweet tooth, savor your favorite desserts. Or treat yourself to your favorite candies; we all have a favorite and some candies—like Mary Janes or saltwater taffy—might even bring back nostalgic and sweetly comforting memories of our childhood.

Chill Out with Warmth.

Sometimes the best way to relax is with a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Whether you love a Café Mocha, a Chai Latte or just a cup of Earl Grey, sometimes relaxation is just a cup away. According to a study conducted in London (and reported on by the Daily Telegraph), drinking tea—specifically black tea—actually helps lower stress hormones.


Looking for a great way to unwind and naturally de-stress? Go see a comedy…and laugh! Turns out, laughter is good medicine! According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing helps the body relax, increases circulation, and releases endorphins. So go ahead and laugh it up!


Most Americans have a certain number of vacation days but many of us fail to use them all…and some employees never take a day off. A 2014 survey conducted by Glassdoor revealed that “the average U.S. employee (of those who receive vacation/paid time off) only takes half (51%) of his or her eligible vacation time/paid time off.” Even worse? The same survey revealed that 15 percent didn’t take any vacation days! Time off gives the body and mind an opportunity to reset and rest. Everyone needs a break…so take a little time off (even if it’s just one day).

We all have stress, and sometimes the world really does feel as though it rests on our shoulders. When you’re overwhelmed, completely stressed out, and at wit’s end, step back and find a way to relax. Whether you take a day or an hour, you need to take a break. Pamper yourself…and do it on purpose!


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Author: Cassie Brewer

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