Number One Healthy Living Tip – Kick The Habit!

Healthy Living TipThe number one healthy living tip is simply kick the habit. If you use tobacco, quitting should be at the top of your priority list. A noted educator and outreach speaker offer these specific strategies for lifestyle choices that include kicking the habit:


Healthy Living Strategies

See Your Doctor – Smoking is a health issue in which you should involve your health care provider. Although many people prefer to quit smoking on their own, they have a much higher chance of quitting when they are receiving support from a health care professional.
Take Your Medicine – This healthy living tip addresses the fact that addiction to smoking is more than just a habit, receptors in your brain change and it becomes a physical addiction. Lifestyle choices, like quitting smoking, can cause withdrawal symptoms, which won’t be too difficult to manage if you are on appropriate medicines. Speak to your provider and pharmacist about your choices in medicines and discuss with them how to appropriately use it.
Get Support – Tell everyone you know that you are quitting smoking. You are more likely to be successful if everyone knows that you are trying. Make sure you identify the most supportive people and allow them to help encourage you. Listen to their encouraging words. You are now in a position to show people the lifestyle choices they can make as well.
No Substitutions!– There are many new tobacco products. When you quit smoking cigarettes, don’t start smoking e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or use other forms of tobacco. It defeats the purpose of breaking your addiction and getting healthy. It also makes it more difficult to break your addiction to nicotine. These products are for keeping you addicted. But, don’t be afraid of using nicotine replacement therapy, it is formulated to help you quit.
Keep Trying – Think you have tried everything and you are doomed to a lifetime of smoking? Surprise, you haven’t tried everything. There are many new types of medications that can help, both over-the-counter and by prescription. Don’t give up.

Resources That Provide Information, Help, and Support: 


As I travel around the country, people ask me what’s the number one healthy living tip I have. My answer is always the same, it’s about the lifestyle choices people have themselves and, day-to-day, the best single tip is to stop smoking. Not only does this lifestyle choice eliminate all of the health risks that we know go with it, it provides a significant budget relief, a natural breath freshener, and eliminates the awful smoky smell in our homes, cars, and on our clothes.

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