Get Organized by Making the Most of Your Space

listsAs we open up our houses to let in the spring air we are overcome with the feeling to get organized.  As we scan our home for signs of clutter it becomes clear that we need to take some time sorting, cleaning, and YES… throwing away.

Learn from our guest blogging experts ways to make the best use out of the space in your homes when getting organized.

Vertical Space

Look around your home and use vertical space to store items. The backs of doors are a great place to use over the door shoe racks for all sorts of things; kid’s small toys, hair accessories, first aid, office supplies, etc.

Install shelves up above doors and store items you don’t use very often.

Install closet systems inside under utilized closets. A guest room or hallway closet may be the perfect place for a small office tucked into a closet!

Bonnie Dewkett, Certified Professional Organizer, The Joyful Organizer

Less is… Easier

Chris Nelson’s two main organization tips are:

1.  Think about how often you use the item. More frequent items get more predominant and closer placement. Items which get seldom/less use can be stacked, put in the back, or in less desirable locations (back of the closet).

2.  Try to keep items together like a store would. That way your mind is trained to know that the scissors should be by the glue. Or your belt is by your ties / shoes / socks. It is always neater to arrange items in a box or container, but that also makes them harder to find if not properly labeled. It is possible to have things out for display / use but still tidy.

Chris Nelson, CFO, Glass Handbag, LLC

What steps did you take this spring to get organized?

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