Ditch Your Diet and Eat Clean

What does it mean to eat clean? and green? We are hearing those terms more often, as Americans are becoming more conscious of the foods we eat. Many people strive to maintain a natural lifestyle, free from the processed foods that monopolize our grocery store shelves.

Dieting is so last year. Learn why diets don’t work and what you can do to diet no more by eating clean and become healthy and fit for good.

Eat Green

Crash diets and detoxes as a means to lose weight have little value. Carefully measured detoxes and fasts can be important for Colon Cleansing reasons, but sustainable long term weight loss and increased health can be achieved by eating cleaner and greener, and consciously taking steps to inhabit your body and your life more fully as an ‘ecosystem’ itself.

Jarid Manos, Social Transformation Activist, Great Plains Restoration Council

Eat Clean

The ultimate compliment I received as a cancer fighter was when people who knew me said I looked better than ever and people who I’d just met didn’t realize I was in the fight of my life. I made it through my battle with stage IIIA breast cancer challenged, but never sick and I attribute that to a clean diet. The wonderful and unexpected side effect was glowing skin and a great body.

Nutrition is paramount and getting it into your system is the key. I have found that eating organic, unrefined, and locally farmed foods that have not been processed gives my body exactly the fuel it needs and in turn not only a great feeling, but a great look.

Eating clean has brought me closer to understanding my body and what’s works for me. I’m at my best with a gluten free, limited dairy, high protein diet that includes an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and a few unique foods I’ve found to be extraordinary including aloe, kombucha and olive oil.

I believe that being open minded, committed to trying new things and listening to your body can open doors to a new, healthy and beautiful body for anyone willing to give it a shot.

Allison W. Gryphon, Author/Filmmaker/Breast Cancer Fighter

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