7 Rules To Manage Work Life Balance

Manage Work Life Balance

If you’ve ever wondered about the keys to manage work life balance, here are the top 7 rules to observe:

Work Life Balance Rules

  1. Everything Is About Family – Part of what keeps us grounded is the clear understanding that our children take precedence and it takes a lot of work. Sometimes, it’s being away from the family that makes us appreciate them all the more. Work gives us a little door to step out of parenting and bring the excitement from that day back home.
  2. Never Say Diet – Saying you’re on a diet puts you in the frame of denying yourself. If you replace “diet” with “healthy choices”, you’re giving yourself the gift of feeling good and sometimes the healthiest choice is a piece of chocolate. Go ahead and have the Kit Kat at the movies. If you don’t satisfy an urge sometimes, you often substitute less-satisfying things and end up eating more. So what’s the good stuff? For breakfast, quinoa mixed with probiotic yogurt and sprinkled with herbs, chopped tomatoes, and lentils, tossed with olive oil and vinegar. At dinnertime, swap in healthier whole grain pasta, topped with sautéed or steamed vegetables. Add to that a protein source, a bean salad, and dinner is served.
  3. You Gotta Have Friends – There is that other family; the one that’s made up of your most trusted confidantes. When you have great friendships, talking out a problem just isn’t a big deal because you know in your heart you’d do the same for them. Don’t discount the pure fun factor; some people think of happiness as luxury, but it’s a necessity and you need to make space for it in your life. Having fun with friends is a major key to manage work life balance.  Effective committed relationships depend on mutual friends to share our trials with.
  4. Get Into “Move Groove – Physical activity has to come into it. Move on all fronts, quick workouts on gym equipment that simulates yoga and Pilates moves, tennis, yoga, and skiing. Mix it up so you don’t get bored. Steal whatever moments you can – when walking, sneak in some lunges or squats when bending down pretending to pick something up – don’t worry about if it looks silly.
  5. Don’t Dwell On Yourself – If you’re feeling stressed-out or sad, helping someone else will change it all for you. There are a million ways to help – by stuffing envelopes, forwarding an email, donating as little as a dollar. The second you switch your focus to a meaningful cause, you’re no longer thinking about your own pain, sadness, or anxiety.
  6. Surround Yourself With Nature – Walk into a garden and see the dewdrops on the grass and the way the light filters through the leaves – it just fills your soul. We would be lost without places in nature to replenish our souls. It can be as humble as your own backyard or as grand as, well, the Grand Canyon. We need to protect our wilderness areas and national parks. Everywhere you travel, you see blight, denuded mountains, logging. If people know what’s going on, they’ll become activists to safeguard those places.
  7. Be Grateful – Count your blessings all day long. When you do that, almost anything bad that comes your way falls away and you find perspective and gratitude everywhere.


In today’s hectic, stressful life, how we manage work life balance is key to a healthy meaningful life. If a committed relationship is involved, staying happy and vital together will total depend on the ability to compromise on our life and work objectives.

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