4 Ways To Help Create “A Happier Family”

Young Family Having Fun In ParkLiving a busy schedule with your family and trying to make time for yourself can be stressful. Often times you may begin to feel stuck in the same routine. New ideas on how to keep your family happy could bring just the spark that you need into your home.

First thing’s first: Conversation!
Getting your kids to open up about things at school or about their friendships can be tough, but you may feel it would bring you closer together. So, instead of just asking, try to play a game or go for a walk while you try to get the scoop! Being side-by-side puts people at ease and having the distraction of an activity makes it easier for some kids to open up about things.

Start Traditions:
Make up a silly holiday or start celebrating half-birthdays. Holidays always bring families together and there are not enough in the year! Make up a special secret day that just you and your child know about and can look forward to celebrating.

Make Dinner a Success:
Trying to get everyone to talk about their day at the dinner table can get boring and routine. Make a fun rewards jar where each time someone talks about a positive part of their day without being asked gets to pick from the rewards jar. The jar could be filled of folded up papers with fun things on them like a trip to the ice-cream shop or an extra half hour of videogame playing before bed.

Turn Chores Into a Family Fun Time:
Getting kids to enjoy chores sounds impossible, but kids who grew up on farms tend to have a wonderful bond with their parents; therefore, it can be a very rewarding activity for all. Use positive reinforcement; ask them to help set the table or weed the garden for 10 minutes- and then go to the park!

Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You

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