How to Set and Reach Your Life Goals

CONGRATULATIONS! You reached your goal!

So where do you go from here?… For many people achieving a goal brings on a sense of loss, now that the motivation that has kept them moving forward has been achieved and is no longer important. It can even signal a time of self-sabotage to make the goal relevant all over again!

A better way of handling this “success” is to use it as a boon to even more successes. For example, as a goal begins to come within reach, begin looking at other aspects of your life you would like to improve or recall one of those things you would like to accomplish but haven’t gotten around to yet. IE: You’re within a couple of weeks of reaching your ideal weight; you might set a new goal to improve your work productivity, or learn a new language you’ve always wanted to know. Sales people have used this technique for years to improve their performance. The idea is that with each success, confidence builds, helping you move rapidly in the accomplishment of your next goal.

This method perpetuates enjoyment in your day, and excitement in your life as completion of the last thing, brings the thrill of embracing the next thing!

— Danny Jackson CHt, Certified Hypnotherapist, Act Now Wellness Center  


Living the Dream

You’ve reached your goal and you need to celebrate and pat yourself on the back. Now you know you can do what you commit to doing. Now it’s time to dream.Take some time to think and let your imagination head all over the place. Dare to imagine big dreams. You know you have had success in one area–It’s time to work on another area! Go after something BIG.

— Diana Fletcher, Stress Reducing Expert Author, Life Coach and Speaker, Diana Fletcher Life Coaching 



Once you’ve reached your goal… celebrate! Celebrate yourself! Your perseverance! Your resourcefulness! Your willingness to move past obstacles! Take a breath! THEN you will realize the inner meaning of success, which is what is needed to stay motivated to keep going.

— Eve Eliot, Sole Proprietor, Om Depot   


Aim for the Stars

To stay on track to the moon, shoot for the stars. You got healthy, now go for the big hike up that mountain. Want to make more money? Imagine yourself on your dream vacation…in the finest accommodations. Married to your ideal guy? Imagine your 25th or greater wedding anniversary. I thought myself thin, then decided to flatten my stomach. It happened. Now I’m thinking myself young. It’s working!

Debbie Johnson, Author / Consultant  


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