Yay – Bathing Suit Season is Over!

zzzzWhether I like it or not, I have to accept that summer is over. I love the sun, the beach, and everything summer, but like they say, all good things must pass.

While looking for my “silver lining” it occurs to me that at least I don’t have to play the bathing suit game for a few months. I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to give up my bathing suits, yet. I know some gals my age who just decreed they were now “Too Old” to wear a bathing suit in public.  If you still feel young enough, no matter what your age, to wear a bathing suit, maybe you play the game like me.

Every  summer I spend, or should I say waste, more time trying to find the correct bathing suit to wear at whatever bathing-suit-not-optional event (attendance-not-optional, either) that has been plugged into my calendar. These were the days that I knew I would literally wear myself out sweating and tugging and pulling and pushing and squeezing my not-so-fit self into bathing suit after bathing suit trying to find the right one. Ugh!  Did I mention sweating?

For instance, to my niece’s adults-only pool party, I was happy to find I fit okay into the low cut body skimming suit my husband loves. But, do I want to deal with my sister’s remarks regarding my neckline? Hey, it’s not my fault she has no cleavage, whatsoever. Even trying the duct tape trick she failed miserably at creating any décolletage. With that in mind, I wore the suit my husband loves and my sister hates. Seemed appropriate.

Then there was the family reunion at the beach. I tried on 4 suits that made the first cut (and don’t ask me why I have so many bathing suits). Too many High School boys and dirty old uncles in the family to wear anything low cut in the front, or high cut in the bottom. I decided on a tankini with a flirty short skirt and just the tiniest bit of cleavage showing. Well, just enough to piss off my sister.

Oh, and I can’t forget the many trips to the neighborhood pool with my Grands. With all the running, jumping, splashing, and water wrestling, I needed full coverage and armor-like security. Nothing must be able to “pop out” under any circumstance. My Grammaw one-piece suits with a longer skirt and very high neckline were my safe choice. The last thing my daughter needs is the entire neighborhood talking about her mother’s “costume malfunction” at the community pool. Not all the young moms or nannies would find it very funny at all! Though, trust me, anything that could “pop out” of any of my suits would be much more scary than it would be funny. Oh, yeah, for the record… my sister has no idea I own, much less wear, a Grammaw bathing suit. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, if you know what I mean.

Then the toughest search, which took my getting into and out of 6 bathing suits for my annual company picnic, at the boss’ house, around and in his huge backyard pool. I thought about intentionally forgetting my suit, but last year everyone ended up in that pool, many against their will, and many fully clothed. It was not an attractive look on anyone. So, finding something that looks modest and sexy at the same time was what I was trying to achieve.  Eventually, I settled on a red maillot. Full coverage on the caboose and bare shoulders at
the front. Then I covered it up with a pretty full length sarong that stayed on all afternoon. Wearing any bathing suit around the men and women I work with every day is way too unsettling for me. Even if I had my pre-menopausal figure (Come back pre-menopausal figure, come back, I miss you!) it still would be awkward, especially with a half dozen men that I usually see in three piece suits running around in teeny tiny Speedos. Too much for me, but I just looked everyone in the eyes, and then,  washed my eyes out with nail polish remover as soon as I got home. Well, not really, but you get the idea, right?

Anyhow, we may miss the dog days of summer, but I for one will not miss the season long bathing suit game. Happy Fall, everyone!

annEnjoying Life After the Big M,

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