Spring Break

daily-exercise-programIt’s Valentine’s Day soon, then it’s Spring Break. Even if traveling isn’t involved, I’ve found that marking Spring Break on my calendar in big bold yellow and orange marker reminds me that summer is right
around the corner. And…if you are menopausal or post-menopausal, like me, it’s right about this time of year when a somewhat bigger gal is looking back at you in the mirror. Bigger than you used to be or
bigger than you want to be, or both. In any case, the bold yellow and orange marker notes on my calendar remind me that the time is NOW to get ready for summer.

Also, it’s in anticipation of Spring Break that bathing suits magically appear on department store racks, and plans big and small are made to visit a warm and sunny destinations. Last year, I saw quite a few pretty swim suits in the stores before Spring Break. Then, when I went back after Spring Break, you guessed it, the pretty suits were all gone except for the size 2s. All that was left in my size were the ugly colors and the goofy styles. So, this year, even if I’m not leaving town, I am going to get a new swimsuit before Spring Break.

I’m thinking the best way to start will be a refresher read of the Menopause Diet. It won’t put the average gal into the size 2s before Spring Break, but it will jump-start the loss of those winter pounds. If you don’t have the diet yet, go to http://www.alwaysnewyou.com/menopause-diet and download it. (It won’t hurt your computer).  There are five pages of rules and a couple recipes. It is all doable. No exercise routines that will make your muscles scream in pain. No rabbit food. Just some simple rules that most of us tend to forget over the winter months while we are inhaling enough comfort food to feed all of South America!

The idea is, if we stick to the rules, and even if we break them once in a great while, we’ll feel a helluva lot better when it comes time to try on bathing suits beneath the unforgiving florescent lights and glaring white walls of the fitting room. We will be down a few pounds, and the suits will be in the pretty colors and the flattering styles that we really want.

So, I’m guessing we should be starting no later than Valentine’s Day. Get out your markers and highlight Spring Break. Download a copy of the Menopause Diet. Stick with me on this and I’m pretty darn sure
we’ll all find out that getting ready for summer earlier in the year definitely has its advantages!

Enjoying Life After the Big M,


About Ann Sandretto: With over 10 years of research behind Hormones-Beauty-Health.com. Ann created alwaysnewyou.com. Ann’s mission is to inspire women to continuously reinvent and renew themselves by providing trusted information, expert advice and a community for supportive interaction. Together with her panel of expert contributors, she shares health and beauty tips with women navigating menopause.

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