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sssssI saw an ad today that looked just like an old Dick Tracy cartoon showing a doctor talking to a 50s something woman. The doctor’s speech bubble read, “Hormones are preventing your weight loss”. I can’t tell you how good it made me feel — here I was thinking my inability to lose weight was the ice cream and Oreos! Anyway, the Dick Tracy doctor got me thinking and I added the word “Hormones” to my list of things I want to ask my doctor the next time I see him.

Yes, I keep a list. Those of you who know me are probably laughing in total disbelief to hear this. I know I’m always late for our girls-night-out dinner. I know I had to take a dozen donuts along with my granddaughter’s homework to her teacher which was supposed to be turned in with all her other homework three (yes 3) Fridays ago when she spent the night with me. (The donuts were a bribe to not mention our little meeting to my daughter.) I’m also sure none of you have forgotten about the time my mother-in-law found an entire month of my
unpaid bills in an overnight bag I loaned her. And we all know I didn’t have my first mammogram until well after my 50th birthday and the discovery and scare of what turned out to be a harmless lump. But, yes, I now keep a list. Mostly because my memory stinks since menopause, but also because some things just don’t make sense, and I need an explanation from my trusty Gyno Guy.

Like last time, thanks to my trusty list, I remembered to ask why my feet have gotten bigger since menopause. Without even cracking a smile he said he wasn’t aware of any research connecting the Big M to a larger shoe size. I figured out later that my new size 9, formerly size 8, tootsies most definitely must be connected to the ice cream and Oreos.

Anyway, I keep the list in my wallet so I don’t lose or forget it, and when I find that appointment card they gave me last time I was there, I will be sure to ask Gyno Guy if Dick Tracy Doctor is on to

annELAM, (Enjoying Life After the big M)

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