Life After Babies – Grand-babies!

Mother in living room holding baby smilingToday is a very special day. On this day, 11 years ago, my only daughter became a mom. It was surreal to all of the sudden see her life change so dramatically as it turned upside down, inside and out, and lots of times even backwards.  Don’t get me wrong — she handled it all beautifully with only a few tears and a lot of confidence and plain old good mothering. But I have to tell you, those inside out and backwards days were a secret pleasure for me to witness.

I am not mean, and would never wish any unhappiness on my “Golden Girl”, but some days, it so tickled a string I didn’t even know I had. Like the first time I watched her give him a dose of baby vitamins. Wow, that baby screamed, bit down as hard as he good each time that dropper got near his tiny mouth. He wriggled and struggled, arched his back and rolled over, nearly onto the floor, burying his red and swollen and snotted-up baby face deep into her armpit. That tiny child was strong!  Finally, after she straight-jacketed him into a towel, put him on the floor, pinned the towel down with her feet while holding his head in position with an elbow, his mouth open with one hand, and with the other hand  jabbed that vitamin filled dropper almost down his throat, and squeezed.

He promptly spit it all out. All of it. Some ran down his chin onto the towel, the rest ended up spewed all over his mom. I had to leave the room. If she heard me laughing, I can’t tell you where she’d stick that dropper next, but I’m sure you can imagine how all that would work out for me!

I don’t know about you, but I was sometimes broken-hearted when I entered the menopause stage of life. I guess I always liked the idea knowing that I could, if I wanted to, have another baby. Then I was reminded, on days like the “baby-fights-vitamins” day, how my first child, my sweet little “Golden Baby Girl”, used to fight like boy when it came time to get her dose of vitamins.

What in the world was I thinking…who needs another baby when we can have grand-babies!

annEnjoying life after Menopause,

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