First Day of School

Family beachThis week, all my friends are carrying on in total shock because school started. Well, not just because school started, but because an oldest grandchild started first grade, or worse yet, the youngest grandchild started high school! The words “time just flew by” and “where did the time go?” were posted on social media, passed around the office, and muffled into tear soaked tissues. My favorite was “I blinked and now he’s in middle school”.

The fact of the matter is, time didn’t go any faster in 2013 than it has any year before it. We, on the other hand, move faster, with driving and flying everywhere, work faster, with technology everywhere, and care for our families faster, with modern conveniences everywhere. If we really want to be ready for these big milestones in life, and not feel blindsided and so god forsaken old and moldy by the reality of it all, then we have to step back and make the time ours. Own it, at least in small increments, throughout the year.

I’m not saying we all need to stop driving, or flying, give up technology, and forgo modern conveniences. Just not everywhere or all the time. On a cool fall Saturday morning, put on a jacket, pick up that 1st grader and walk around the block with her.  Turn your phone off, and savor that hour. When you find that new high schooler stretched out on the family room sofa flipping channels on the cable box with long wires hanging from his ears, give him tap or two on the shoulder. Then when he pulls the plugs from his ears, invite him to help you with a little project. Even if you have to bribe him with a couple bucks or an iTunes card, it will be worth it. Maybe you can wash the car by hand together, or carry things up from the basement. Engage him in conversation, or just enjoy quietly being together. Savor that afternoon. Both of you unplugged. Feel the time, where it’s at, and make it all your own.

Just you and a Grand, or a Great-Niece or -Nephew, whoever is growing up when you aren’t looking. Time will still fly, but you will have those moments saved, they will leave marks on the year as it passes, and give you an awareness of that time as it goes by. Maybe then you won’t be so shocked, feel suddenly very old, or totally blindsided when reality stops by the next time.

But, just to be safe, don’t blink — ever again!


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