Eating Healthy Works, Really I Mean it!

senior woman shopping at the marketLast month, I got an email from a gal, Colleen, who I met in 10th grade. Come to find out, she had read my books and wanted to say hi and see if I would like to get together. She said she hoped I could come to her place for lunch. I thought, “What the heck?” and replied asking her for her address and gave her a few dates that would be good for me.

Yesterday was the big day, so I took a little extra care with my clothes and make-up. You know, made sure there were no pit stains on my blouse and clumps of mascara on my eyelashes. I arrived fashionably late, if 35 minutes is fashionable, but she answered the door without even the slightest bit of annoyance. I don’t recall if she was so gracious in 10th grade, but I was relieved, nonetheless.

Once we got past the hugs and hellos, she led me to her kitchen.  Walking behind her, I couldn’t help but notice that her tush was no different than it was in high school! I took a seat at the table, and watching her move around her kitchen, I saw that other than some wrinkles and gray in her hair, everything about her was almost the same as in 10th grade! I was starting to get nervous, and the sweat began beading up on my forehead — I know I don’t look anything like I did in high school, except that I still had blonde hair, thanks to Lady Clairol. Colleen must be thinking, “Wow, Ann has really let herself go”.

Colleen was babbling on about her family and the things that had gone on over the last 40 some years. I was so self-conscious about how I looked compared to her, I didn’t hear a thing she said. Some guest I am! I did hear my stomach growl as she laid out a small tray of tiny, crust-less sandwiches, cucumber on whole wheat, I think, and celery sticks. Thank goodness for the bottle of White Zin that was calling my name the second my glass was filled. I started to relax and we chatted as we ate. Before I knew it, all the sandwiches were gone. I think I ate more than my share as it seemed Colleen pretty much munched on celery. I was beginning to think she was part rabbit when she asked if I was ready for dessert. Dessert? Bring it on!  Why, yes, dessert sounds lovely.

I don’t know about you, but a little bowl of cut fresh peaches does not constitute dessert in my house. Colleen, where’s the ice cream? Or whipped cream? Or cream? Just plain cream would bring it a little closer to my idea of dessert! Well, so as not to appear rude, I spooned into the peaches. I ate one chunk, then a second, then it hit me… I hadn’t eaten a fresh peach in years, that is not without the whipped or ice cream. It was amazing.

That peach opened my eyes big-time. Colleen looked healthier because she is healthier. She is healthier because she eats healthier. Who woulda thunk?

Enjoying Life After the Big M,



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