Candy Everywhere

Pumpkin Spilling CandyI hope everyone has been enjoying all the Halloween candy from those huge plastic bowls filled with sweet treats sitting around everywhere, from the Dry Cleaners, to the Credit Union, to our own kitchen tables. It’s impossible to avoid — for Bob’s sake, I swear it calls out to me! And if you don’t have Halloween candy in your house, I want to be the first one in line to lick and stick a gold star to your forehead. If you have no Trick-or-Treaters living with you who hauled in two pillowcases full of free candy or you don’t plan on passing out treats, which would have required you to have big plastic bowls full of candy, then you must be a ghost or witch of some sort, because everyday people like me cannot seem to escape the month or two long Halloween candy buzz.
It’s crazy that every year I start buying a bag-here, a bag-there, when the candy displays start popping up in the grocery store, usually by October first.  Yet, on Halloween Day, I always have to make this mad dash after work to get some candy so there is something for the Trick-or-Treaters who will come knocking on our door. Poor kids end up with the bottom of the barrel treats at our house…makes me feel a little guilty till I remember it’s better than the penny, yes singular penny, that kids got when they came begging at my childhood home. My Mom sure knew how to win friends and popularity contests for my siblings and me. Geez! But, sorry, I digress. (That topic is its own blog just waiting to flow out of these fingers someday!)

So, back to trying to find candy at 5:30 on Halloween Eve… who eats all that candy that I have been buying since the first of the month? I know I have a taste or two throughout the month, but this house has gone through pounds of mini chocolate bars, Tootsie Rolls, did you know there are fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls? The orange and the lime are to die for, Sweet Tarts, Dots, Smarties, oh my Bob, I can’t get enough Smarties, and, oh, the wonderful little Pixie Stix. Where, may I ask, is it all?

I tell myself that I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat it. I am not really even much of a sweets eater. I can take it or leave it. But you and I both know who ate it. Yep, it was the Hubby. So this year, I will give it a week, till Nov 7. Whatever is left from the huge stash my daughter drops off (she sneaks bags of candy from the kids’ loot and drops it off at my house to get it out of her house!) and the bottom of the barrel candy from the last run to the grocery store, will all be bagged up and delivered downtown. This year, I am taking a stand and making sure that all that candy the hubby eats will land in the Soup Kitchen where it will be appreciated…and not on my hips!

Enjoying life after the Big M,


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