A Harvest Table

Nostalgic Thanksgiving

Every year we look forward to decorating the table by choosing a theme.  This year is Nostalgic Thanksgiving.  Turn your table into a story using autumn colors, pictures of your family, fall garland, great ribbon, and candle sticks for height. Lay down the garland and work in ribbon, pictures and candle sticks into your table setting for a beautiful and welcoming feast.
— Becky McCraney   http://www.showmedecorating.com

Bring the Outdoors In

The use of fall colors, like yellows, oranges, reds, pinks and beiges, they will truly bring out a rich and colorful setting. Roses also make great and inexpensive host/ess gifts when visiting family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner.
— Passion Growers   www.PassionGrowers.com

Family, Decor, and the Gift of Giving

Thanksgiving is an excellent time for all age groups, family and friends to enjoy each others company as well as engage in old traditions, and create new ones. For families who enjoy cooking or contributing to the meal – helping out in the kitchen, and everyone making a signature dish can be rewarding and fun for all.
Decorating for the festive holiday. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays you can’t help but want to embrace all around you. From adding fall colors to your holiday table, to bringing in rustic natural additions, such as pine cones, gourds, pumpkins, and decorative foliage, this time of year is perfect for embracing the holiday theme with warm decor. Add color to your living areas with rusts, golds, and orange hues in decorative pillows, throw blankets, and seasonal crafts made from your kids!
Helping those who are less fortunate. While Thanksgiving is about family and friends, it’s also about helping out neighbors, loved ones, church members, or even strangers by donating your food, time, and your generosity to those in need. My daughter’s Girls Scout troop is collecting cans for needy families, and making holiday cards for service members that are away from their loved ones. Finding a way to help others on Thanksgiving is a way to start the holiday of giving!

Ronique Gibson @ Freshome   http://freshome.com

What great traditions! Be sure to take a look at our guilt-free Thanksgiving Dinner menu and get more ideas for Thanksgiving Traditions for your family!

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