Weight Loss Solutions That Work!

weight loss solutionsFor most of us solutions to weight loss remain something to tackle, something to conquer, something mysterious; a secret we spend most of our lives chasing. But what if weight management was simple, what if you could release your weight just like you release your stress or calm your fears, wouldn’t that be nice.

Understand Your Weight Loss Goals

This wonderfully unrealistic daydream in reality isn't as unrealistic as it might seem. When things were simpler, when eating was just something you did, not something you dissected, what was the key difference? First and foremost, you didn't know any better. A calorie was just a unit of measurement you learned about in grade school science class and a portion was the amount put on your plate. No stress, no worry, eating was something you did just like walking or talking.Could weight loss be as simple as that? Is the real challenge finding the perfect diet and micro-managing your consumption or is it as simple as letting go of our need to control our diet and just go back to living?

How to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple, but it does lead us in the right direction. What are the key principles of a diet and how can we embrace this lifestyle to enhance our weight release goals?

  • Keep it Fresh – One of the key hurdles adults face when it comes to their diet is the acceptance that they don’t always follow their own advice. We are very good at promoting fresh fruits and vegetables to the children in our lives, but when was the last time you ate that apple yourself? Start your weight release strategy by substituting fresh fruit for the convenience foods in your life. Need that morning donut? Try a banana instead. What about your afternoon snack bar? That’s the perfect time to reach for a ripe apple.
  • Eliminate Sugary Drinks – If your mom was like most, you weren’t allowed soda pop unless it was a special occasion and cool-aid was strictly forbidden unless it was a holiday or birthday party. Remember when drinking tap water out of your kitchen sink was en vogue; or better yet, when it was one of the only two choices in the house besides milk? By eliminating the sugary indulgences and their caloric content, you will be surprised just how much progress you may see around you waistline.
  • Embrace Leftovers – Back in the day we weren’t worried about wasting food and eating everything on our plates, that’s what leftovers were for! If it didn’t get eaten it was placed in that magical Tupperware container for another day. So don’t worry about portion control up front! Enjoy the art of cooking, make what you want, but eat a reasonable amount and save that tasty dish for another day. This change in lifestyle will be beneficial for your waistline and your pocket book.


Humans as a species are always evolving and changing and finding better ways to do just about everything, which could be one of the major reasons weight loss and weight management have become such a hot button. We keep trying to find that better way, that miracle cure, that one thing we can do to shed the extra pounds forever and keep them off. It is, in part, our stubbornness over this issue that paralyzes many of us from taking steps in the right direction. We like our lives the way they are, we enjoy the conveniences of pre-packaged foods, and we don’t want to give them up.

It is exactly this that stops us from trying. It seems so overwhelming, such an all or nothing proposition; but it doesn’t have to be. By taking the small steps above, your body will adapt just like it has before and before you know it, you will be reaping the benefits through safe solutions to weight loss.

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