The correct way to lose weight

In today’s society, maintaining a healthy weight can be a real challenge and losing weight even more so. So many people have tried and failed to lose weight that they may think it’s impossible, but it isn’t. There is actually a correct way to lose weight and keep it off. So, for anyone who needs to lose weight, how do they go about it?

Start slow and steady

Firstly, it is important to remember that the healthiest way to lose weight is not through a crash diet or by taking intermittent exercise. The body responds much more effectively to slow, steady changes rather than rollercoaster rides. Small changes can make a big difference, so swap whole milk for 2% and drink a glass of water instead of sugary soda. Apply the same principle to increasing activity, so take an evening walk instead of a daily morning run. Think of weight loss in terms of permanently changing eating and exercise habits. Weight loss will be a great side effect, but the end game is what really matters.

Set attainable goals

Don’t set vague weight loss goals; the key is to be specific. Instead of promising to simply lose weight, set a specific target, say ten pounds. Such goals make it possible to achieve something without leaving room for excuses. Smaller, more specific goals also make them more achievable, which is important, as successful weight loss presents plenty of hurdles along the way. Once the initial goal is achieved, the next one can be set.

Be realistic about time

No one should expect to lose an excessive amount of weight in a short time. It is important to determine what the individual’s ideal, healthy weight is and set a realistic goal. A crash diet is never good; losing weight healthily takes time. Most lose one to two pounds each week, so take that into account when setting goals, planning diets and exercise routines.

Eat a balanced diet

The body uses food for energy and stores excess energy as fat; when more food is consumed than the body needs, weight will be gained. The types of food consumed also play a role in weight gain or loss. For example, it’s impossible to lose weight while eating a diet high in cakes, sweets and fatty foods. Treats do not need to be eliminated completely, but should be limited. The focus should be on wholegrain bread, vegetables and fruits. Cutting calories by 300 to 500 each day should lead to a loss of one to two pounds each week. Cutting out alcohol can also lead to weight loss.

Become more active

Changing eating habits definitely influences weight loss, but increasing activity levels is also important. Someone who increases their activity levels, but maintains the same diet and caloric intake will undoubtedly lose weight. Combine increased exercise and fewer calories and the results will be even more apparent. It isn’t necessary to go to the gym to exercise; a 20-minute walk every lunchtime will really help. Other ways to boost activity include swimming, running and cycling.

The trick with losing weight is to be patient and persevere. It may take a couple of weeks before any changes become apparent, but they will steadily appear when a safe and healthy approach is taken. It may take some experimenting to find the right diet and exercise combination and it always helps to speak to a doctor or nutritionist to achieve even better results.

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