No-Exercise Exercises

exercise without exercising

If you absolutely dread the thought of strapping on your tennis shoes to take a run, go to the gym or bounce around in front of your TV to the direction of a fitness DVD – you are going to love these tips from health and fitness experts.

Today, they are sharing their favorite tricks for getting active, pumping up your heart rate and helping you shed pounds – without really exercising!

Tip #1: Shake it out!

When you've been sitting for hours – at the office, in the car on a plane, a quick pick-me-up is to do a few wiggles. Don't be shy (or else go to the bathroom and practice behind closed doors)! (Great done in the car to a good beat!)

If you're sitting: Start the move in your hips with a small shake. Extend that into a full figure eight move shifting one hip forward and back, then the other. Shake up into your lower back, then ribs, then into your shoulders. Finish by lifting your chin slightly and shaking your head gently. See if you can get the wiggle to move fluidly up from hips.

When standing an easier version is to have your knees soft and slightly bent. Hold your hands with fingers gently closed, elbows comfortably bent. Then gently bounce keeping your feet on the ground and about hips width apart for good stability. Practice for a minute and you'll really get your blood moving!

Find what works for you and remember to keep breathing. Complete with a few deep inhalations, blow it out and get on with your day.

Better than a cuppa java!

— Elaine Masters, Yoga teacher, Trip Wellness Coach helping travelers arrive feeling great

Tip #2: Laugh

400 years ago Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver's Travels, said the 3 best doctors in the world were Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Merryman. We're still learning the importance to our health today of what we eat and drink, the peace that we find within and the joy we find in life. Laughter or Humor Therapy was even mentioned in the Bible. Today it's even recognized by the American Medical Association. Now we have laughter clubs, laughter MeetUp groups, laughter yoga … people are rediscovering the joy of laughter as the key to living better quality lives (and longer).

— Alan E. Smith, UnBreak Your Health

Tip #3: Line Dance, Dance, Dance!

Line dancing allows you to do just that, while reaping many health benefits, such as helping to maintain balance, coordination and range of motion, which all diminish as we age. The calories burned in one hour of line dancing add up to ten pounds a year. And it never feels like exercise! It is more stimulating than walking, and not as hard on your joints and back as popular dance exercise classes. Even better, it can be done without a partner.

— Edie Driskill,

See – exercising doesn't have to be dreadful! It's all about getting your body moving any way you can. Thanks to Elaine, Alan and Edie for these wonderful tips!

I think you'll also like the tips in 30 Ways to Keep a Healthy Body Weight which include more ways to keep the pounds off without committing to a strenuous fitness routine.

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