Losing Fat Through Healthy Habits

We are bombarded by the media with gimmicky weight loss plans and fat loss pills.  But, often times these weight loss methods are temporary.  Losing fat is about creating a lifestyle that lasts.  Learn how to maintain your weight loss using the following healthy eating tips from our experts.

#1 Secret to Losing Fat

Insulin causes our cells to store fat. To reduce fat storage and to encourage movement of fat out of our cells, eat a diet that does not spike your insulin level. Foods to avoid – the fattening carbohydrates, i.e., foods with high glycemic index or meals with high glycemic load:

• Sugars and all foods containing sugar

• Food made with flour

• Cereals

• White root vegetables such as potatoes

Foods that you can eat as much as you like:

• Meat, fish, poultry

• All green, non-starchy vegetables (they contain carbohydrates but low in glycemic load, so the will provide your need for fuel without spiking insulin level)

• Eggs and good quality cheese

• Fruit, except banana and grapes

ling wong, Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Thoughts For Foods Holistic Health

Fight Fat with Fat

Every year millions of people battle the bulge with trendy diets and weight loss supplements. Sadly their results are most often disappointing and tend to cause long term weight gain. However new science in the field of omega-3 research suggests that the best way to fight fat is with fat!

According to the latest research omega-3, in the form of fish oil, can activate genes that increase fat metabolism while at the same time activate genes that help build lean muscle mass. When combined with moderate exercise the results can be remarkable.

For Grant Roberts, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, high dose omega-3 fish oil is not new news. For almost 10 years he’s made omega-3 an essential component for achieving dramatic body transformations with all his celebrity clients.

For best results you should target your intake of omega-3 EPA+DHA at 2000mg per day and get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Marc St-Onge, CEO and Omega-3 Scientist, Ascenta

How has losing fat been a permanent fixture in your life by creating healthy habits?

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