Losing Fat in 3 Simple Steps

Losing fat is simple.  But, unfortunately it isn’t easy.  What’s the difference?  We all know the steps we need to take to lose weight.  Putting those steps into practice is not always as easy as it sounds.  Learn how to set yourself up for success using the following simple steps from our expert.

Losing Fat in 3 Simple Steps

Three simple steps to achieve your weight loss goals and begin to live your life.

1.  Set Your Goals

Sign a contract with yourself, maintain your focus, and keep a journal to record your daily progress as well as your thoughts and feelings.

2.  Share Your Goals with Your Family

It was recently reported on Good Morning America that 1/3 of all cancers are related to obesity and inactivity. Feed your family the same foods that you eat, and they will reap the same rewards that you reap.

3.  Become Active

Life is motion and movement is the elixir of youthful vitality.

Life is about choices and you are the author of your life. You control your choices. The exciting news is that your weight loss goals can be positively influenced by three basic areas that are in your control: nutrition, exercise, and quality rest. The choice is yours.

Dr. Kathleen A. Hartford, Fit, Fun and Fabulous at Any Age

How have you made losing fat a priority in your life to reach your weight loss goals?

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