Lose Weight Naturally by Satisfying Your Curiosity

There are plenty of diets out there promoting fast and efficient weight loss.  But, what about losing weight naturally by creating healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Learn how our expert guest blogger turned her curiosity into a habit that allowed her to both enjoy eating and lose weight naturally.

Curiosity Will Lead to Weight Loss

As I age I am sick of following strict diets and failing. I am over feeling hopeless and feeling that I will never attain that elusive figure in the scales. This takes a lot of energy and I have decided it is energy I can put to use in other areas of my life.

I am now using different and accessible strategies. I am done 180 about face turnaround. I have adopted a very simple protocol. When I eat, I become curious. This curiosity starts with the texture in my mouth. Is it crunchy or smooth? What about the taste – is it salty, sweet or savory – what about solid and liquid. It is a wonderful profound experience. It feels I an awakening senses which have dormant for so long!

At the same, the effect is – I eat slower and it has dominoed that I have actually eaten less. Yes, I have lost weight and lost it naturally and joyfully!

Maria Davis, Director and Founder, Embodimove

What healthy habit did you create that helped you lose weight naturally?

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