How to Stay in Shape Over 35

It’s not always easy to stay fit especially when you’re over 35-years-old. So, here are some helpful tips to maintaining a healthy and lean lifestyle.

Start a Healthy Habit                                      

 No matter what, repetition and sticking to a regular workout schedule is key to any exercise plan. Once you’re in a habit of working out daily, it’ll become part of your everyday routine.

Should You Consume More or Less?

 Eat every 2 ½ to 3 hours in small amounts. Make sure to fill your plate with greens and have 40% of protein with every meal. Even when you go out to eat, keep in mind that all restaurants serve you at least double of what you should have. So, order your meal with a take-out box and as soon as the food arrives, put half of it away to eat later.
Remember, fitness isn’t just about working-out…it’s a lifestyle adjustment.

— Raphael Verela, Founder, Circuit Works

The Key to Living A Healthy Lifestyle is Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to success. We see over 200 patients a day and in all of our programs we offer maintenance. Our medical weight loss program has been very successful because once you reach your goal weight, you receive free maintenance classes forever. Going to class is like renewing your commitment and being held accountable. Having the support of our medical team and others in the program help keep our patients on course to a happy healthy lifestyle.

— Dr. Darm, Medical Director, Aesthetic Medicine

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