How to Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss and aging are two very sensitive topics for women.  We all would like to look young and thin well into our maturity.  Our expert, Jane Ribinskas of Yoga Concepts, tells us to stop worrying about weight loss and aging and instead enjoy life.

Learn how you can lose weight naturally by managing your stress levels and loving your life.

Lose Weight Naturally Over 40 By Learning to be Calm, Positive and Creative

Being a mature woman myself I understand the area of anti-aging naturally which includes weight loss and sustaining it. By just eating healthy food and exercising doesn’t guarantee weight loss. The number one area to look at is letting go of stress. Stress comes from a variety of areas; career, family and even the whole idea of aging. People worry from a young age and there is so much fear around aging that individuals are often in the stress cycle with out even realizing it. When one is in that cycle the body produces stress chemicals including adrenalin and cortisol, which activate the fight & flight reaction within the body. This offers a burst of energy for quick reactions to danger and it is ok short term. Prolonged stress chemicals in the body can lead to dangerous health conditions including lowered immune system, high blood pressure, weight increase and more.

So learning to be calm by understanding ones stress patterns and letting them go is number one so you can learn to apply positive techniques and balance from within. When you feel calm, positive and accept yourself where you are then the body is generally functioning and producing your natural endorphins and serotonin the feel good chemicals and when you eat well and exercise the body naturally stays slim and balanced.

When you’re calm you sleep well and your brain and liver can work in harmony too.A good night’s sleep is essential for optimum health. The Pineal gland in the brain produces a chemical called MELATONIN which helps regulate your sleep cycle. Light effects the amount produced and during winter due to less sun it may start producing it earlier or later. The body heals,detoxes re-energises when you’re sleeping and the MELATONIN shares the bodies toxic load with the LIVER by helping to neutralise free radicals and by regenerating the body overall. If you’re not sleeping well you’re depriving your health and it has been said that not sleeping well impacts fluctuations and weight loss – the following tips will help to improve your health and improve sleep with the aim to sustain a healthy weight by developing healthy habits:

• Learn to be happy by being grateful for what you have
• Start practicing dynamic or gentle Yoga
• Power walk
• Find something to do that makes you smile or laugh
• Get up 15 minutes earlier and meditate to reduce stress and gain mental energy
• Accept yourself and think positive thoughts about yourself and your weight(the mind is powerful)
• Drink good amounts of water approx 8-9 glasses per day (this can vary for each person)
• Focus on eating your Omega 3 foods fish, including mackerel identified as a super food to increase brain power
• Eat green vegetables, brown rice, avocado and other omega foods to help simulate your natural serotonin
• If you have allergies work with a professional to find the right foods for you
• Try to get to bed before midnight as each hour prior to 12.00am is equal to 2 hrs extra sleep quality.
• reduce your alcohol intake (as it stimulates the mind)
• Avoid food with too many preservatives as you may become thirsty and stimulate the mind.
• Make sure your room is dark as light disrupts your sleep and activates your wake up chemical Serotonin.
• Before sleep lay on your back and focus on your positive breath to make sure you are relaxed and clear the mind of the days challenges then just let go. Even say that to yourself “I now let go of today and sleep easily all night”(people don’t prepare for sleep
• Plan your next holiday do something different
• Do something new each day e.g. find a different route to the shops, work or friends house?
• If you’re in a long term relationship refresh things and start dating again with each other like you did when you first met
• Look at your job and change something simple and see what a difference it makes (this helps you develop your creative skills)
• Notice if you’re complaining too much (lots of people do and this creates stress) there is always a solution focus on to improve things.
• Learn to enjoy simple moments smile, smile, smile

Enjoy your new sustained happy balanced life!
Love, Jane xxx

Jane Ribinskas, Director, Yogaconcepts

How did you lose weight naturally by eliminating stress in your life?

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