Get More Sleep to Lose More Weight

Learn the essential reasons for getting a good nights sleep and how important it is to assisting in weight loss and balance for your overall health and well-being.

Sleep and Weightloss

I would like to address a serious epidemic, broken sleep, and about the relationship between your brain and liver.  Learn to create a better life and find more energy to do the things you love or want to do.

It is common knowledge that most of us at some stage go through a restless night’s sleep or, taking it a step further, experience insomnia – which is debilitating. A good night’s sleep is essential for optimum health. The Pineal gland in the brain produces a chemical called melatonin which helps regulate your sleep cycle. Light effects the amount produced.  During winter, due to less sun, it may start producing it earlier or later. The body heals,detoxes, and re-energises when you’re sleeping. The melatonin shares the bodies toxic load with the liver by helping to neutralise free radicals and by regenerating the body overall. If you’re not sleeping well you’re depriving your health – that’s why its essential for a good nights sleep to assist in weight loss.

How to Improve Your Night’s Sleep

  • Sustain daily exercise as it keeps the body healthy and ready for sleep.
  • Try to get to bed before midnight as each hour prior to 12.00am is equal to 2 hrs extra sleep quality.
  • Make sure you have had a healthy amount of water throughout your day.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake (as it stimulates the mind)
  • Avoid food with too many preservatives as you may become thirsty and stimulate the mind.
  • Make sure your room is dark as light disrupts your sleep and activates your wake up chemical Serotonin.
  • Before sleep lay on your back and focus on your positive breath to make sure you are relaxed and clear the mind of the days challenges then just let go. Even say that to yourself “I now let go of today and sleep easily all night”
  • If you feel like you’re coming down with something even say to yourself I acknowledge e.g. my throat is sore and “I now allow my body to heal” you’ll be surprised how you feel in the morning as you have instructed your body to heal (most people instruct themselves to bring on the flu without realizing the self talk they are using)
  • If you are awake tossing and turning and like most people start worrying etc say mentally “I now sleep easily” just keep with it and often you just fall off to sleep.

Remember most people don’t plan to sleep or even know what will create a good or bad night’s sleep. Learn form this and plan to sleep in a healthy manner. These tips don’t cost anything, in-fact they are an investment in your life and general well-being. Learning to apply positive habits in your life saves your health and restores your natural resilience for you to live a positive happy life.

Jane Ribinskas, Director/ Facilitator, Yoga Concepts

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