Create Healthy Habits and Diet No More!

The problem with dieting is that it is rarely a permanent solution to weight issues.  We find our lives resembling that of a roller coaster, our weight continually fluctuating up and down.  For permanent weight release, forget dieting and create a healthy lifestyle where maintaining a healthy weight is a side effect, rather than an end result.

Learn how creating healthy habits can change lives!

Diet is a “bad, four letter word!”

I don’t ever think of my eating regimen as a diet. Diet is a “bad, four letter word” that evokes deprivation. My attitude towards food is a welcoming one because I’ve learned to love vegetables, fruit and wholesome lean proteins. I’ve eaten this way for nearly 30 years and love the way it makes me feel. I also wear smaller sizes than I ever did when I went on a diet (but the last time I did that was nearly 30 years ago), because I’ve also embraced daily exercise and rigorous, regular activity. It clears my mind, improves my mood and is the cornerstone of my health maintenance plan, along with the food that I eat. I am almost never sick, and I mend and heal quickly. I have tremendous energy and credit my eating and exercise with all of these side benefits.

Jackie Keller, Founding Director and Executive Chef, NutriFit

Diet No More!

Use portion control, if you don’t diet you can’t cheat! see?   Eat what you are craving in moderation so you do not eat your way to the craving and wind up eating it anyway!

Marina Kamen, VP,


4 Action Steps Toward Healthy Habits

1. Clean out the refrigerator and cabinets! When we are weak and hungry, we grab everything. Go on a treasure hunt in your grocery store and stock up on the lower carb, lower fat versions of the foods you love.

2. Buy small travel bottles. Don’t be afraid to take these to restaurants or friends houses to carry your salad dressings and fat free creamers.

3. Don’t go hungry! Eat a little something healthy before you head out so you don’t eat the first thing you see.

4. Move! Weather you walk a dog, dance, go to a gym or clean the house…in the end it is all exercise which helps keep your organs functioning and your muscles happy!

Bobbie Freiberg, Author, 15-150 Secret To Simple Dieting

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