Create Healthy Eating Habits for Permanent Weight Loss

Weight loss is sometimes a roller coaster ride.  We shed pounds to squeeze into our favorite dress for each special event through the year.  But, what if weight loss was less of an adventure and more of a healthy habit?

Creating healthy eating habits is the key to a successful and permanent weight loss lifestyle.  Learn how our expert guest blogger suggests you start creating the proper food habits.

Keep the Junk Food Out

First and foremost, keep foods that do NOT contribute to your well being out of the house. High sugar, high starch foods should be cleared out the day you decide you want to get healthy. I understand that it may be wasteful, but you have to clear unhealthful foods out.
Once they are gone, then you have to shop for only foods that will assist you in getting to your goal.

When at the supermarket; shop the perimeter. Avoid the aisles and any other processed foods you may come upon.

Read all labels, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, put it back. Better yet, just eat whole, natural foods that don’t come in packages and you won’t have to worry about the ingredient list.

Dr. Joseph F. Leonardi, Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Leonardi’s BetterLife Seminars

How do you incorporate healthy eating habits into your every day meal plan?

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