An Important Weight Loss and Wellness Tip!

Healthy Living TipA healthy living tip you need – If there’s one thing you usually run short of, besides money and time, it’s energy. We need a source to reconnect to when our energy battery has drained a little. If that source is available, you can use all the energy you want. That source can be found in changing the way you move, eat, and rest.
Regular exercise, such as yoga or walking 30-45 minutes daily, is not only reinvigorating but helps boost immunity and mood as well. Don’t overdo, it, though: excessive strenuous exercise can actually depress the immune system. Being active aids digestion and increases energy. Also, people who practice yoga regularly don’t get sick.

Learning to Relax
Natural daylight helps your brain work more effectively, even on a cloudy day – and you’ll sleep better.
There’s more to getting out during the day than just escaping confinement. When the sun goes down, you should be slowing down with the intention of going to bed around 10 p.m. One weight loss and wellness tip is to take a sabbatical day once every seven days and honor it as a day of rest, then you’ll be more productive the other six days.
We need four types of rest – physical, mental, social, and spiritual. We are all rest-deprived because we aren’t using our bodies the way they were meant to be used. Rest is the opposite of what most people think; it’s active and actively rebuilding the body.
Eating for Energy
One interesting healthy living tip is the notion that we’d do much better by imitating animals in the wild; just as they graze throughout the day, we should snack. One handful (about 15 nuts) of almonds or walnuts daily in summer and two handfuls twice a day in winter, along with a good breakfast and lunch followed by a lighter dinner. In-season produce that’s produced locally makes the optimal dietary choice. That isn’t always possible, in which case canned or frozen fruits and vegetables are healthier option than chips.
While there’s no substitute for a healthy diet, a high-quality multivitamin can help cover nutritional gaps. If you are premenopausal, your monthly cycle may cause you to lose iron needed to carry oxygen. Energy production requires coenzymes to run smoothly, and the B-complex is required to ensure proper coenzyme levels. One coenzyme, CoQ10, is found abundantly in organ meats and more palatably in supplements.
Lunch can become an energy trap. Carbs make us lethargic, so you should avoid bread and pasta in the middle of the day. Instead, eat a salad or lean meat and wash your meal down with water or tea, not a drink full of high-fructose corn syrup. Soda will also contribute to your lethargy. If you still feel lethargic after lunch, rest for a few minutes before resuming your day.
Often sluggishness is due to intestinal distress. To aid digestion, it’s suggested to use spices such as ginger, black and cayenne pepper, fennel, dill seed, and cumin in your cooking. You should also eat fresh figs, papaya, and pineapple whenever they are available for their healthful, digestion-promoting enzymes.
There are so many things to remember about weight loss and wellness. One healthy living tip, which also comes from the Bible, is rest. Whether we’re to rest on the 6thday, or the 7thday, or the 1stday may not be crystal clear – the principal of the healthy living tip take a “day of rest” makes good sense in today’s world. This is a weight loss and wellness tip you can pass on to your loved ones and family as well. 

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