Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals by Creating Healthy Habits

Crash diets often leave us feeling like we have done just that…  crashed.  Too often this type of weight loss is temporary and soon we will find ourselves back where we started and ready for another dieting session.

To avoid forever chasing your weight loss goals, begin thinking of it as a lifestyle rather than a temporary solution.  Learn how to incorporate lasting healthy habits into your daily routine using the following tips:

Creating a Healthy New Lifestyle

Healthy habits don’t have to be complicated- no one needs to go out tomorrow and run a marathon. It can be as simple as a few changes to your diet and exercise regime.

1.  Always eat a healthy breakfast.

If you start the day off right you are less likely to make bad decisions during the day

2.  Craving a sweet treat before bed?

Mix up greek yogurt with sweetener and cocoa powder for a healthy chocolate pudding. It packs enough of a protein punch to feed your muscles at night

3.  Try one new class (or workout) a week.

This keeps you from getting bored and you may find a new exercise you love!

4.  Set one small goal a week (no, not to lose 10 pounds) for yourself.

This is more encouraging than long term goals that seem too far off to work

5.  No more thinking that carbs are bad, they fuel our workouts.

Stick to healthy carbs, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, stick to whole grains!

6.  Accountability

It’s been said before, but get a workout buddy. Someone that holds you accountable if you don’t show up.

Kris Schoels, Lifestyle Expert, Young Married Chic

The Downfalls of Dieting

As co-founder of “Improve Your Groove,” a virtual integrative wellness center specializing in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes, I’ve found that “dieting” rarely works long-term for people. Health is about more than nutrition and exercise. Someone can eat right, exercise, and still have health issues. Or, someone can “diet” temporarily, but when they get out into the real world and have to make decisions for themselves, they slip back to their old, unhealthy ways.

Food is a part of a balanced life, and until we can find that balance, weight will be a life-long struggle. So how do we create balance?

1. Be kind to yourself.

We often treat others better than we treat ourselves. Treat yourself like you would treat a loved one. Would you want to see a loved one starve themselves with unrealistic diets? How would you feel if they ate nothing but junk food? If we start treating ourselves as someone we love, our health will benefit significantly.

2. Get educated.

Learning “why” a healthy lifestyle is important is just as meaningful as learning “how” to get there. Typical “diets” often give you a step-by-step guide during the program, but what happens afterwards? Unfortunately, when left to their own devices, most people go back to their old ways of eating, or perhaps they lose sight of the importance of physical activity beyond weight loss. But once we’re educated, it’s easy to make choices that benefit our health… for life.

3. Address your stress.

Even if you eat all the “right” things and work out constantly, if you’re chronically stressed you won’t be healthy. Satisfy your soul with gentle meditation, yoga, by spending time with loved ones, or by treating yourself to something you enjoy, like a bubble bath or a good book.

Ronni Arno Blaisdell, Holistic Health Counselor, Improve Your Groove

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