5 Secrets You Need to Know to Lose Cellulite

weight loss solutionsWould you believe up to 90% of women, even the thinnest, have the ugly dimpling called cellulite on thighs and bottoms to some extent?  DO YOU KNOW HOW CELLULITE FORMS? When fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer enlarge and “glump” together inside web-like pockets of connective tissue, cellulite forms.  This “glumping” causes the pockets to bulge, which reduces circulation, trapping toxins, and giving a lumpy appearance.

Hormones, genetics, diet, lifestyle choices which cause aging, play a role in the development of cellulite. There are helpful healthy ways to control cellulite and, with some luck, eliminate it.

Here Are Five Secrets For How To Have Beautiful Skin:

  1. Daily brushing cellulite on thighs with a natural bristle brush, which can be found in your local health food store, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, helps to detoxify tissue, and tone the skin.  Before getting wet in a bath or shower, dry brush the body using brisk upward motions starting from soles of feet, up legs, to belly, arms up from the waist to shoulder, and finally buttocks and back.  Not only does it help cellulite dissolve, it feels great.
  2. Another emerging fat fighter is the use of essential oils.  Cedarwood, cypress, and rosemary detoxify the body and are also good, natural diuretics.  Grapefruit acts as an astringent that makes the skin look tighter without drying it out.  Surprisingly, a recent study from the University of Chicago found that wearing the scent of grapefruit causes people to think of you as being up to six years younger.  Use these aromatherapy oils in combination with a carrier-oil, such as jojoba, and massage using a circular downward stroke.  Apply at night to work with your body’s natural desire to detoxify overnight or after a bath when pores are open.  Go to www.ihd.myarbonne.com for a full line of botanically-based essential oils.
  3. One source we found recommends eating certain foods that are known to fight cellulite on thighs from the inside.  Start with fresh, non-processed foods that boost skin health especially those containing lecithin – contained in eggs, cauliflower, and tomatoes.  Foods with essential fatty acids, like cold water fish and flaxseed, are next on the list.  Lean meat, leafy greens, and nuts provide the amino acids needed to support healthy skin tissue.  Antioxidants contained in green tea, berries, and minimally-cooked vegetables should be part of the cellulite-fighting diet.  Finally, B vitamins with trace minerals such as brewers yeast, whole grains, beans, and low-fat dairy are needed.
  4. Of course exercise is needed in the battle against bulge.  Do squats to target the gluts, hips, and thighs.  Jump on a rebounder to bounce out cellulite – it’s proven jumping up and down strengthens the core, tones legs, and maximizes lymph circulation.
  5. A final secret from bikini-clad models is to make a body scrub of caffeinated ground coffee mixed with jojoba and anti-cellulite essential oil applied to problem areas. Caffeine shrinks skin tissue, reducing the appearance of cellulite.


In summary, if you’re doing all the right things, essential oil massage, eating right, drinking water, and exercise, it is possible to get rid of cellulite on thighs over the long term and maintain your health and beauty.

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