30 Ways To Keep a Healthy Body Weight

Weight Loss and WellnessAs we age, we all strive for weight loss and wellness.  Here are 30 ways that we found to help you keep a healthy body weight.


Here Are 30 Ways To A Healthy Body Weight

  1. Linger in the Dairy Aisle—Women burn more fat and calories when they eat 1,000- 1,400 mg of calcium per day
  2. Exercise in Bursts—Doing two 30-minute workouts with 20 minutes of rest in be-tween burns more fat than exercising for a continuous 60 minutes.
  3. Eat More Meat—and eggs and beans. People who got 40% of their daily calories from protein lost significantly more body fat than those with only 15% protein even though they consumed the same number of calories.
  4. Get Your Kicks—Playing soccer 2 or 3 times a week yields greater fat loss and muscle gain than jogging. And, the more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn!
  5. Start Hard, Finish Easy—Cyclists who ramped up their intensity during the first half of their workout and slowed down during the second half burned 23% more fat than those who moved from low to high intensity.
  6. Drink Coffee—The caffeine in 2 cups of coffee boosts your metabolism for at least 1- 1/2 hours afterwards. If you add sugar and cream to it, you’ll blunt the effect.
  7. Interval Train—Women who did 20 minutes of intervals on a bike burned three times as much fat as those who stayed at one pace for 40 minutes.
  8. Walk With Nordic Poles—You’ll increase your calorie-burn by 20%.
  9. Start With Whole Grains—Athletes who downed whole-grain cereal first thing in the morning burn more fat during the day and during exercise.
  10. Crank It Up—Vigorous aerobic exercise for 40 minutes makes your body burn calories at a higher rate for nearly a full day afterward.
  11. Go Casual—When you wear jeans vs. work attire, you walk about 491 more steps.
  12. Don’t Hang On For Dear Life—If you cling to the handrails of your stepper or elliptical, you put less stress on your larger muscles and burn fewer calories.
  13. Pump Iron—Resistance training increases your resting metabolic rate by 7%, meaning you’ll burn more calories throughout the day, even if you’re sitting down.
  14. Circuit Train—Instead of resting for 60 seconds between weight-lifting sets, move straight from one exercise to the other and you will burn more calories.
  15. Drink Green Tea—3 cups daily will boost your metabolism about 4%.
  16. Strength-Train Last—You’ll burn more calories if you lift weights after cardio.
  17. Eat Yogurt—Burn 22% more weight and 61% more body fat.
  18. Use Olive Oil—Burn more fat by eating monosaturated fats (olive oil and avocados) than a diet high in saturated fats.
  19. Bring your iPod—Exercisers who listen to music lose more weight and body fat.
  20. Adjust Your Playlist—You’ll work out harder and faster if you throw some fast-paced songs into your music mix.
  21. Squeeze Your Butt—Pushing off with your glutes when you walk will use more muscles and burn more calories.
  22. Eat Protein—Your body burns about 25-30 calories while digesting 100 calories of protein vs. 7 calories while digesting 100 calories of simple carbohydrates.
  23. Think Uphill—Crank up the incline on your treadmill and you’ll burn more calories.
  24. Fidget—People who jiggle their legs, talk with their hands and incorporate small movements into their day can burn as much as 350 extra calories daily.
  25. Stand When On the Phone—It’ll burn about 20% more calories than sitting.
  26. Believe It—Housekeepers who were told their cleaning was good exercise, lost weight and were healthier 4 weeks later than those who were told nothing.
  27. Add Fish Oil and Exercise—Taking 6 grams of fish oil daily and exercising 3 times per week burns more calories than just talking fish oil, sunflower oil, or sunflower oil and not exercising.
  28. Using your Arms and Legs—in a workout (swimming or aerobics) is easier and makes it more likely you’ll do it again tomorrow.
  29. Get A Wii—Playing active sports games burns more calories than using Xbox 360.
  30. Think About It—Subjects who visualized a specific strength workout gained as much strength as those who actually did it.


Obviously, you may not be able to apply all 30 of these tactics on a daily basis but if you try to do something every day, you will soon find it to be a habit and on your way to weight loss and wellness.

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