3 Weight Loss Tips from Real Women Who Have Shed Pounds

Sometimes it’s nice to hear weight loss tips from real women who have shed pounds. I know – deep down – that the good-looking, muscle clad, lean, perfect-picture-of-fitness trainers work very hard to get their results. But, somehow I can always convince myself that it must be easier for them.

I mean, no one could possibly understand how difficult it is… you know, for me.

So, today I’m going to erase that excuse from my mind… and yours. Here are real women, who have fought through their own weight loss battle – and WON. Learn their secrets and maybe even give them a try.

Weight Loss Tip #1: Got Cravings?

We are told that eating less and moving more is the key to weight loss. We must need to eat reduced calorie food or restrict our caloric intake then, right? Not exactly..

Consider this:  You want a chocolate chip cookie. You can’t eat that though, it has too much fat, calories, sugar, carbs, white flour, etc… So you reach for a banana.  Then a low-cal high fiber granola bar.  And then because you can’t shake this craving you eat some chocolate, maybe grab a handful of nuts or chips.  Eventually, because you never satisfied the initial craving, you end up eating that chocolate chip cookie anyway (or maybe 5)!

You don’t get to enjoy it because you are full of all that other stuff you ate – plus now you have to feel guilty on top of it! Honor your hunger. Don’t eat what you don’t love (yes, even vegetables). And when you love something – savor it.

Caryn Gillen, Ma, CPCC, Life and Intuitive Eating Coach, Caryn Gillen  http://www.caryngillen.com

Weight Loss Tip #2: My 3 Best Eats

I was able to lose 60 pounds in 14 months at the age of 57, which I am told is a feat in itself. In addition to my exercise routines, I attribute my success to three food items; bananas, tossed salad and green tea. Each of these items I started consuming on a daily basis back in 2009 and all are still a part of my daily fare. I am convinced they were the three staples that helped me achieve and maintain my goal to this day!

— Joanie Jacobsen, Advocater / Blogger, Baby Boomer Way   http://www.babyboomerway.com

Weight Loss Tip #3: It’s Not “What”, but “When” You Eat

Having finally (and hopefully permanently) lost weight – 85 pounds from my highest – I discovered that it wasn’t just WHAT I was eating it was WHEN I was eating that mattered.

I joined ‘Sureslim’ and the blood test revealed I was borderline diabetic, had high uric acid, and was not metabolizing carbs. I found that by cutting out most carbs (limiting me to 18g per day), starting my meals with a couple bites of protein first, adding a regular amount of nuts and seeds every day (ground flax, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin – YUMMY!) and of course lots of water really kept me on a consistent weight loss path. Nothing too drastic – no shakes, pills, or potions – just real food three times a day.

The key, however, was to wait FIVE hours between meals – not even a stick of gum passed my lips until a minimum of 5 hours had passed. It worked like magic and – BIG SURPRISE – I didn’t actually STARVE because I waited to eat. My metabolism revved up and I feel great! I highly recommend this program…

–Glenda Standeven, Author, Choosing to Smile Publications   http://www.choosingtosmile.com

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