3 Tips to Boost Metabolism for Weight Release

As we age our metabolism begins to slow.  But, there are tricks we can do to help us boost metabolism.  Learn 3 simple tips from our expert guest blogger and holistic nutrition coach, Tamara Jacobi that when implemented will give your metabolism the boost that it needs to function properly.

Give Your Metabolism a Boost

1) Keep your thyroid healthy to support a strong metabolic rate and drop excess pounds. Whole foods such as sea veggies, cranberries and strawberries are high in iodine, which is a key player in keeping your thyroid healthy and your metabolism high.

2) Add some light weights to your workout routine. Gentle toning with 2 – 3 lbs weights can do wonders for your metabolism. Light weights will tone your muscles, not build them. Toning works your gently muscles, giving your metabolism a boost and helping you burn those pesky pounds!

3) Don’t starve yourself! Keep your body nutritionally satisfied to keep yourself from going into starvation mode. Find the ratio of healthy fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates that work best for your unique body. If you’re not consuming enough calories then your body’s metabolic rate will drop, but if you’re eating too many then you’ll gain weight. Find your delicate balance and you’ll keep your metabolism high.

Tamara Jacobi, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Jungle Girl Health

What natural tricks do you use to help boost metabolism?

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