The Foods to Eat to Help You Lose Weight

Eat Right To Keep Weight Off

My top tips for enjoying my food and still losing weight (and keeping it off):
1. Snack on nuts and fruits. Both are delicious, full of anti-oxidants, and high in fiber. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, you name it, and apples are my favorite easy-to-eat fruit!
2. A healthy start in the morning: A fresh mix of yogurt, granola, and berries (fresh or freeze-dried) gets every day off on the right foot.
3. Allow myself one little treat every day to satisfy my sweet tooth and avoid over-indulging. You just might be surprised at how good this feels once you get used to it!
— Camille Leon, Founder & Executive Director, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Lighten Up with Greek Yogurt

I had the workout down – but couldn’t understand why I wasn’t’ dropping weight. Finally, I started logging my fat count for each meal – and suddenly began to have a clear understanding of the impact of all the foods I had been eating. Not that they were all bad choices – but I knew I needed to make some changes.
One big change I made – adding Greek yogurt at least once a day. Chobani is my favorite – and with its high protein content it keeps me satisfied.
In addition to my Chobani in the morning – I eat a banana and add fresh fruit directly into the yogurt. So if I am eating raspberry yogurt – I add fresh raspberries, etc.
Finally, I knew I loved salmon – but now I crave it and eat it twice a week.
Making these three changes: Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and salmon – of course along with a daily workout – I have successfully lost 12lbs.
— Kimberly Anderson, Creator & Host, Kim’s Closet – everyday style with Kimberly Anderson

Eat Green!

The best tip for losing weight or maintaining your weight loss is to eat a plant based diet. It’s amazing how good natural, out-of -the -earth food tastes! Preparation should be as light as possible, perhaps with some olive oil and sea salt but no heavy dressings or sauces (that’s where all the calories are). Fresh and uncooked is best , if possible. Lean meats are fine too, like fish or chicken. I’ve found red meat hard to digest so I try to make other choices.

Leeda Bacon, Author


For more great tips on eating the right foods to help you lose weight, see these expert tips:

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