Work Hard, Play Hard: The Benefits of Leisure and Recreation

Benefits of Leisure and RecreationDo you play as hard as you work? Or do you use every extra minute your life allows you in the pursuit of finishing one of your many to do lists? Many of us confuse the definition of "off-time" and never truly realize the benefits of leisure and recreation. A prevailing social assumption is that play and recreation detract from social productivity; however this is definitely the wrong attitude to have. Playing as hard as you work can actually have major benefits to your health and well being.

Benefits of Leisure and Recreation

Physical Health and Fitness – One of the most obvious benefits of leisure and recreation is the effect it has on your physical health. Indulging in off hours recreation like sports and other aerobic exercise has a wonderful effect and provides many benefits to your cardio vascular systems as well as a reduction in probability of spinal problems.

Mental Health and Well Being – Another nice benefit of leisure and recreation is that is helps you cope with your daily stresses. Relaxing your body and mind reduces tension, anxiety and leads to a better general attitude.

Family Time and Bonding – Utilize your free time and enjoy the benefits of leisure and recreation with your family. Used properly your off time can give you much needed time with your family doing fun, enjoyable activities that will help you bond and strengthen your relationships.


In addition to those listed above, if you are looking for more reasons to indulge in a little fun don’t forget the economic development and environmental awareness benefits of leisure and recreation. The more you play, your body, soul and family relationships will benefit. You will feel better while contributing to the economy and learning about your environment, all good reasons to work hard, play hard and enjoy your day when you can!


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